Amplifying capacity and performance, XSCALAR server is able to grow in terms of memory and storage capacity. Additional storage expansion options can also be added to the primary storage for larger data requirements.


All XSCALAR platforms are engineered with Intel Xeon to power through any type of workload at optimum power efficiently. For business requiring performance with capacity scaling, multiple XSCALAR units can be clustered together.


XSCALAR continuously partners with industry leaders to achieve optimised cost without compromising quality and recognition. To provide our customer with the ability of system customization, our servers can leverage on more computing power at lower cost.


For multiple locations or remote data centers, the XCSALAR features SRM to allows secure access and control of servers from any machine on the network.

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Innovating to overcome the gap. XSCALAR aims To Deliver Performance Driven Technology On A Global Scale and Creating A Sustainable Future For All Stakeholders. In the fast-paced tech industry, we believe that a strong Research & Development team is essential to stay ahead. Our group of driven, talented and experienced individuals who are passionate in bringing our organization to the next level is spearheading XSCALAR to help our customers grow their business sustainably.

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Products Quick Specs

XSCALAR Server Series

Model : XSCALAR ES1-10-2

Model : XSCALAR ES2-25-8

XSCALAR Enterprise Scalable Series

XSCALAR Enterprise Scalable Series (ES Series) is our general dual socket rack mount server with a comprehensively improved performance due to being powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The ES Series can scale up to 3TB of memory, comes in 1U and 2U - to be used for larger data management in cloud computing, virtualized computing and big data.

Model : XSCALAR HC2-24-2

Model : XSCALAR HC2-24-4

XSCALAR High Compute Series

XSCALAR High Compute Series (HC Series) is a dual Intel Xeon Scalable processor, deploying 2 nodes and 4 nodes in a 2U space that can scale up to 4TB of memory per node. The HC Series offers outstanding performance by its Doubled Node Density with a reduced total cost ownership (TCO). The HC Series is recommended for high-end enterprises, data centers, HPC and cloud computing applications.

Model : XSCALAR-ESG4-D4-10

Model : XSCALAR ESG1-D2-4


Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a rapidly growing presence in today's world, with applications ranging from heavy industry to education. XSCALAR’s GPU server platforms are based on the latest NVDIA® Tesla® technology and are optimized to deliver faster overall performance, higher efficiency, lower energy and cost per unit computation for the revolutionary AI. You can comprehend the future of AI-enabled with XSCALAR's leading GPU-accelerated server platforms to add economic value to your business.


XSCALAR offers a range of servers that has gone through detailed R&D and intensive testing to deliver innovation. The availability of technology in the market combined with our expertise has managed the production of XSCALAR with focus in solving our customers’ business needs. Our range of servers cater to the unique parameters and requirements from SME to Enterprise users. Our vision is To Deliver Performance Driven Technology On A Global Scale and Creating A Sustainable Future For All Stakeholders.



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